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Sextremism: Make Extremism History

This poster competition called for a design that would present the dangers of extremism. My goal was to present the varied possibilities of what it means to be feminine. The illustration depicts a woman in a tulle skirt and heels, and is supported by a vibrant pink background. This image is contrasted with extremely hairy legs. The overall message is that being feminine can be manifested in innumerable ways, and it is up to the woman to decide her course.

"If we want to think about a better future, we need to do so on a global scale. We need to reject the politics of confrontation and make an effort to learn what’s really going on in the world by talking and listening to each other. Change must come from the bottom-up: from us. This can only happen in a world that is at peace with itself, where people are equals, not divided by labels, nationalities or religion."