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Dahlia Bloom Dairy Farm

This branding project was the development of an identity for a fictitious dairy farm. The farm was named after its first Holstein-Friesian cow, Dahlia Bloom. Dahlia Bloom Dairy Farm works to provide the best quality milk to its customers. All of our cows are free roaming and happy. Our products are packaged on-site and shipped directly to market so you get the freshest milk possible.

Dahlia Bloom Bottles
The Logos

Free-roaming cows have been a defining point for the company since its beginning. This ideal is represented by the cowbell which is used to find roaming cows that may have wandered.

The stacked logo can be used in general settings. The colors are flexible to match with whichever piece the logo will be presented. The secondary logo will be used where a horizontal layout is more appropriate like a letterhead or invoice form.

The Packaging

The brand’s bottles utilize the dahlia flower. This design along with the simple glass bottle is intended to stand out from other conventional bottles on the shelf. Crates were also designed to use for home deliveries and to maintain a sophisticated packaging on smaller orders. Additional projects like cheese continue to use the floral label.

Dahlia Bloom Bottles and Crate Dahlia Bloom Cheese Packaging
Stationery and Additional Branding Elements

The branding was continued through a stationery package, order forms and other paraphernalia.

Dahlia Bloom Stationery Dahlia Bloom Shirt Dahlia Bloom Order Form Dahlia Bloom Advertisement
Website Comps
Dahlia Bloom Stationery Dahlia Bloom Shirt